Botavaras Aluminio Pro


Soft and sanded anti slip pro grip: Less hand strength needed to have a firm grip on the boom. Double push pin for a stiffer connection between boom body and tail end. Vario tail end with 60cm range. 2cm easy adjustments settings. Easy positioning marks for the harness lines. Ergo shaped curve for finding the most natural and comfort position on the board. Front head tilts according to fitting height on the mast, but does not tilt from side to side. With very little rope tension, the head does not slip on the mast. Fits perfect RDM adaptors. From 180 size to 200, the boom tail offers the pulley system for perfect fitting of the adjustable outhaul system.


Descripción del producto

Boom Max Length Size Interval (cm) ∅ (cm)
140 190 2 26
160 210 2 26
180 230 2 28
200 250 2 28

Información adicional


140-190, 160-210, 180-230, 200-250